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Mobile Companion for Public Transports Visit NextRide.be

We believe using public transports should
be as easy as going anywhere with your car.

Taking public transports is always a bit stressful.
Is my bus going to show up on time? Where do I need to ring the bell? Will my tramway be full? Oh god, I’ve been waiting for a while : is my line diverted?

NextRide is the mobile companion for public transport.
A free app that slides in your pocket and answers all theses question – and a lot of others.

And boom. No stress anymore.





unique users


TEC customer using it daily

It's all about features.


Neither data, nor Wifi?
Nothing can’t stop NextRide 😉

NextRide offer access to schedules even if you don’t have any internet connection.

Crowsourced Disruptions

Our community is here for you – 24/7


NextRide is telling you anything that might happen on your line, 24/7 : a disruption, a divereted bus, a full vehicle,…

We collect more than 10 sources of official informations from all transit providers. On top of that, our incredible community can share anything happening in realtime by the press of a button – we are the « Coyote » of Public Transport.


A color says a thousand words

NextRide continuously watch your position and the one of the stop you want to go to. The app turns itsefl red, orange or green depending of if you’re in time to get your bus – or better hurry up!

A nice love story with the press

RTL-TVi, RTBF, La Libre, Le Soir, Vivacité, La Libre, NRJ, Nostalgie…
NextRide had it’s time of glory in every Belgian media.

With more than a hundred passages in TV, radio and in newspapers, we can say that NextRide and the press… goes along quite well !

The secret : a nice story, well-told and lived with passion !