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Apps & Mobile Web

Every travel experience is, by essence, done far away from your desktop computer.
Mobility actors must take a deep care of their overall customer experience on smartphone and tablets.

At nextmoov, we are apps builders before anything else.

Internet of Things

From measuring the comfortness of a bus line by placing gyroscopes in a few vehicles, to launching a Smart Displays solutions powered : connected objects and the internet of things is with no doubt the most innovative field for improving mobility.

nextmoov tend to play well in that field too.


KML, GTFS, GeoPoint,… Mobility comes with its handful of weird and complex data format.

Not only does nextmoov plays with these format everyday, we also already have all the data you might want to cross : all transit providers (TEC, STIB-MIVB, DeLijn, NMBS-SNCB) and a lot of mobility-related companies (Cambio, Villo!, ZenCar,…)


When you talk about mobility, realtime is a key sucess factor : Uber, Deliveroo, and most advanced public transport network in the world : they based their tools on realtime.

nextmoov is used to handling « real-realtime » web technologies,
and to scale them properly.