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Smart Mobility | Digital Agency

nextmoov is the first Digital Agency dedicated to mobility.

We help all actors dealing with mobility — both private and public — to build the best digital experiences

We want Belgium to move faster, smarter, greener.

The smallest team.
And the biggest one.

We can always build the best team – just for your very specific project.

nextmoov is built upon a network of mobility experts in various fields: big data analysis (« What does mobility-related data can teach us »), marketing (« How to sell efficiently a new mobility solution« ), UI and UX expert (« How to simply spread complex data like a bus schedule« ), backend developers (« How to store and share easily terabits of data« ), mobile and webapp developers, …

Mobility is a niche market: all theses experts are freelance and NextMoov has 0 employee.

We build apps, website and digital experiences.

More than in any field, mobility actors needs to take a great care of their smartphone app.

At nextmoov, we are, more than anything else, apps builders.

And we have all the data to build these.

KML, GTFS, GeoPoint,… Mobility comes with its handful of weird and complex data format.

Not only does nextmoov play with these format everyday, we also already have all the data you might want to cross .

The many other reasons you should work with us.

We have the data, we know how to handle it, how to scale it. But that’s not all.
Discover all the many reason you should work with nextmoov.